YoWhatsapp APK 8.0 Latest Version

YoWhatsapp is modded version of Whatsapp with lots of exciting features which are not available in the official version of Whatsapp. YoWhatsapp has been developer by Yousef Al Basha and currently the best Whatsapp mod available int he market. Check out more apps from our website ModHappy

YoWhatsapp APK Info

Developer:Yousef Al-Basha
Size:47.1 MB
MOD Features:Many Features
Update:September 06 2019

YoWhatsapp is one of the most widely used Whatsapp mod available in the market currently. Since GbWhatsapp has been discontinued, YoWhatsapp became the first preference to all the mod lovers. 

YoWhatsapp has many exciting features which are not available in the official version of Whatsapp. Features such as anti-ban, Last seen freeze, hide blue tick are only available in YoWhatsapp.

There are many features of Whatsapp which makes it one of the best Whatsapp mod. To learn the complete feature of YoWhatsapp, please read the complete article.

What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatspp is developer and modded by Arab developer Yousef Al Basha. YoWhatsapp APK has been created to provide all the Whatsapp features along with many customization which the official Whatsapp doesn’t provide.

YoWhatsapp comes with material design and lots of customization features such as custom YoWhatsapp themes, UI customization and lots more.

YoWhatsapp Features

YoWhatsapp has lots of features and need a whole section for it. Below I have provided the most important features of YoWhatsapp APK


The most important feature of YoWhatsapp is the customization option it provides. YoWhatsapp let you customize almost everything. From header to font style, almost everything can be customized in YoWhatsapp.

Customize color, Fonts, Styles etc in YoWhatsapp easily.


Another great feature of YoWhatsapp is the privacy it provides. YoWhatsapp APK has lots of amazing privacy features which is impossible in the official Whatsapp.

YoWhatsapp Privacy Features:

  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Hide View Status
  • Who can call me
  • Anti Delete Message
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Hide Second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing…
  • Hide recording

Dual Account

Dual account feature let you able to use the official Whatsapp along with YoWhatsapp without any issue. Generally the YoWhatsapp package name is different from the official Whatsapp package name, therefore you can install both official as well as YoWhatsapp in your single device.


Themes are another great feature of YoWhatsapp. YoWhatsapp has its own theme community, where many theme creator share their own custom theme for you. You can use any theme available in YoWhatsapp theme market.

There is no need to install any other app to install and use the theme. YoWhatsapp provides this feature in-built.

Other YoWhatsapp Features

Apart from the above important features of YoWhatsapp, there are many other features which need to be discussed. Below you will find all the features which are available in YoWhatsapp App

Always Online: With this feature you can set your last seen as Always Online

Launcher icon: You can change the launcher icon. YoWa has lots of launcher icons.

Language: YoWhatsapp comes with many languages such as Arabic, English, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Marathi, Bahasa Malaysian and Azerbaijani.

Chat Contact Picture: With the feature the contact picture will show in the chat picture.

Increased Image Share limit: Send more than 10 images at once

Increased Video Size: Send up to 700 MB video

Anti-ban: Improved anti-ban measured in the latest update.

Status Splitter: Split long videos in to 30 seconds

Download APK (Emoji)

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  • Base: 2.19.230
  • YoMods Settings new design, easier to use!
  • Airplane mode
  • Live preview of your color changes!

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