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FMWhatsApp APK 9.27 Download Latest Version (Official) Free


FMWhatsApp APK is yet another WhatsApp mod that is developed by FouadMods Team. FMWhatsApp is based on the YoWhatsapp mod but with some extra exclusive features. Since the release of FMWhatsApp, many users have moved on from other mods to FMWhatsapp. Many people don’t know that FouadMods Team also developed Fouad WhatsApp which is one of the most widely used WhatsApp mod available right now.

Just like YoWhatsApp, it also comes with Emoji and Non-Emoji variants. The Non-Emoji variant has only default emojis and cannot be added to other emoji in the mod.

FMWhatsapp APK Info

Developer:Fouad Mokdad
Size:50 MB
MOD Features:Many Features
Update:April 07 2022

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FMWhatsApp has all the privacy, customization settings that are available in other mods. FMWhatsApp can also be installed with Fouad Whatsapp since both mods have the same package name which is com.fmwhatsapp.

If you have a rooted device, you can also install the WA Tweaker app which is another WhatsApp Tweak that unlocks many hidden features of WhatsApp along with Customization and Privacy settings.

What is FMWhatsApp APK?


FMWhatsApp is basically a WhatsApp mod that enables many exclusive features which is not available in the official version of WhatsApp.

As these mods use the source code of Official WhatsApp, it’s not available in the Google Play Store due to the policy of Play store.

FMWhatsApp is developed by FouadMods and can be used as a secondary account alongside Fouad Whatsapp. The package name of FMWhatsApp is com.fmwhatsapp.

FMWhatsApp overcomes one very big issue which is available in Fouad Whatsapp. As Fouad WhatsApp doesn’t work with Samsung S5-6-7, Note 4-5-7, On the other hand, FMWhatsApp works on every Android device.

FMWhatsApp features

Below are some of the best features of FMWhatsApp APK


FMWhatsApp comes with many advanced privacy features that are not available in the Official version of the WhatsApp app. Below is the list of Privacy features available in FMWhatsApp.

  • Freeze Last Seen – Just like any other WhatsApp mods, FMWhatsApp too provide the Freeze Last Seen feature.
  • Anti Delete Messages –  The Sender cannot delete the messages.
  • Hide View Status: You can anonymously see the status of others without letting them know.
  • Who can call me? – You can select particular contacts or categories to call you.
    1. Everyone
    2. My Contacts
    3. My Contacts Except ……. – If you don’t want calls from particular persons, then select this option.
    4. Select Contacts – If you want a call from particular person, then select this option.
    5. Nobody – The Best option in my case.

There few more privacy features on FMWhatsApp:

  • Show blue ticks after you reply
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing
  • Hide recording

You can choose some above mentioned basic privacy options for Contacts, Groups, and Broadcasts. Based on your needs.

You can find these settings in Menu >> Fouad Settings>> Privacy >> Choose Accordingly


No Matter what features a mod provides if it doesn’t update according to the official WhatsApp app it’s of no use. Since almost every android modder provides updates from time to time. Fouad Mokdad is one dedicated developer that provides updates regularly.

Since the official WhatsApp gets regularly updated, it is mandatory to update the mod as well because of security glitches, bugs, and many other issues fixed.


YoThemes is one of the most widely used themes everybody uses nowadays. Since YoThemes is developed Fouad Mokdad, YoThemes is already inside the FMWhatsApp. That means you don’t need any third party for themes.

The YoThemes community has a large number of theme developers, so you will not get bored with the old FMWhatsApp look.

Find all the themes at Menu >> Fouad Settings >> YoThemes >> Download


YoWa also comes with lots of customization options. You can change every part of the UI and make your YoWhatsapp unique and different from others.

FMWhatsApp comes with tons of customization options. The mod provides the ability to change every bit of the UI, which makes the whole WhatsApp experience a lot better.

The universal option of FMWhatsApp gives a new look to the whole app and make the customization very simple. Universal options have so many features, read below:


You can change the color of these parts

  • Background
  • Status bar
  • Navigation bar
  • Universal Color
  • Universal Action bar text.

There are not many features available here. Below is the Customization that you can get from this option.

  • Font Style
  • Dark UI
  • Change Notification Icon

Find these options in Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Universal >> Choose


FMWhatsApp APK contains many emojis, you can find this option under customization setting. You can also find many other Emoji styles from various companies such as Facebook, Stock WhatsApp, Emoji One v3, and Android Orea.

You can also find the old Emoji Design in FMWhatsApp.

Find Emojis in Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Universal >> Mods >> Emoji Variant

Some more interesting features

There are some more amazing features available in FMWhatsApp. Read below to know about all the features FMWhatsApp has to offer.

Send Images in Full Resolution – Yes, you can send up to 18 MB of images without losing the Quality. FMWhatsApp allows sending images up to 18MB without losing the quality of the Images.

Disable Image Share limit – You can also disable the image sharing limit.

Video Size Limit – Send videos up to 700 MB

Hide Media from Gallary – FMWhatsapp helps you to store private images or videos from prying eyes.

Password – It also provides its user to lock the chat with Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint. There is an option to add the Recovery Question too.

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest version 

Package: com.fmwhatsapp
• Use Second (2nd) Number

Download APK

How To Install FMWhatsApp APK

In this section, you will learn how to correctly install FMWhatsapp APK in your Android device

The installation process is simple, first, you need to do a complete Whatsapp data backup and then install the APK file. Read below for the complete procedure.

Complete Chat Backup

First, you need to do a complete backup of your chat so that you can migrate the chat data from official WhatsApp to FMWhatsapp.

Note: Don’t uninstall Official Whatsapp without taking backup.

Step 1. Open the Official WhatsApp app and go to Settings by going through 3 dots icon in the right top corner.

Step 2. Then Tap on chats.

Step 3.Select Chat backup

Step 4. Once you tap on the Backup button, it will start taking the backup of your chats in your local storage. It will take time as per your chat size.

Install FMWhatsApp APK with Chat Restoring

Step 1. Open the APK file which you have downloaded from this site. You will get a warning pop-up for Unknown Sources if you haven’t checked the Unknown Sources option in your Security Setting. You need to allow the Unknown Sources option to install the APK file.

Step 2. Allow it and Tap again to install the FMWhatsapp APK on your android device.

FmWhatsapp Installation

Step 3. Once the installation process is completed, Open the app and click on Agree and Continue Button.

FMWhatsapp Installation

Step 4. Now click on COPY WHATSAPP DATA and then enter your mobile number.

Step 5. Once your number is verified, then you will see the restore Option. Click on it to restore all chats.

Now you have successfully installed FMWhatsapp in your Android device. Open the app and start using the features of FMWhatsapp.

FMWhatsApp FAQs

Is it safe to use FMWhatsApp?

As the developer uses the original source code of Whatsapp to customize the look and add some features. It is absolutely safe to use FMWhatsApp. However, according to me, you should never use any mod for official purposes.

Is it possible to hack FM WhatsApp app?

NO! both the official version and FM Whatsapp use the original server that means your chats are encrypted and cannot be hacked.

Can I see the deleted messages in FMWhatsapp?

Yes, you can see the deleted messages of your contacts in FMWhatsapp

Is FMWhatsApp is available for iPhone?

No, FMWhatsApp is currently available for only android devices

Can I use both official WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp on the same Android device?

Yes, you can use both the version in the same device.

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