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Zombie Labs Idle Tycoon 2.25 MOD APK (A LOT OF BRAINS)


Zombie Labs Idle Tycoon 2.25 MOD is an addictive zombie game. Dig ground and unearth zombies, collect their brains and prepare for the Armageddon.

To download the app, please click on the download button below. The installation of this APK file is very easy. Just install the app as your install any other APK file

Zombie Labs Idle Tycoon 2.25 MOD APK Info

Developer:Fumb Games
Size:64 MB
Update:August 24 2019

Unearth the deadly zombies. collect brains and be ready for the Armageddon. Upgrade your undead, search for the zombies, Find the giant zombies and create an ultimate zombie army.


Slowly grow your graveyard from low zombies to fully developed zombies. Start an apocalypse to free your army and gain points by letting your zombies collect even more brains

Zombie Labs Idle Tycoon 2.25 Features:

  • Introduce a new type of inactive game, clicker or tycoon!
  • Start with a shovel and turn a decrepit graveyard into a monstrous army of undead!
  • Unlock five unique zombie classes!
  • Visit new worlds and discover their secrets!
  • Summon more than 10 different zombies, each with their own personality!
  • Discover the mysterious Big Wiggly Egg and discover what it contains!
  • LIVE CHAT directly to developers to make suggestions!
  • Constantly gain brains, even if you are offline!
  • Tap and upgrade your way to armageddon!
  • No internet connection required to play

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Additional information
  • A lot of brains

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