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War Robots MOD APK v8.8.1 (Unlimited Money/Rockets) Download for Android


With over 4 million downloads on the App Store, PIXONIC Studios’ War Robots is an incredibly realistic robot battling game. War Robots is based on intense PVP arena-style combat between you and your opponents, and it’s all about acquiring the greatest and biggest robots and outfitting them with the right gear for your playstyle. There’s also the issue of speed, as well as weaponry, defence, and much more. Do you have what it takes to be declared the best Robot in the world?

Having over 50 robots, each with its own distinctive design, capabilities, and weaknesses, you may personalise your approach to combat in a variety of ways. There are several methods to play, like using ballistic missiles to attack from afar or using a robot with high armour to get up close and personal.

War Robots APK Info

Size:95 MB
MOD Features: MOD Unlocked
Update:June 8 2022

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War Robots APK’s Best Features:-


War Robots is one of the most popular mobile games of all time, with almost 4 million downloads on the Play Store and a large following on YouTube. To get the most out of the game, like with other mobile games, you’ll need to spend money on upgrading and unlocking additional robots, and there are plenty to pick from. War Robots is a premium multiplayer PVP game for Android that allows players to work together or go solo.

In War Robots, you may unlock all of the robots by doing the following:-

In War Robots, there are over 50 robots, each one intended to be distinct and different from the others. You must pick a play style from the beginning robots, which number less than ten. With a shotgun, up close and personal? With a massive cannon on your back, you can deal long-range damage. It will take some trial and error to get the ideal setup for you.

War Robots MOD APK

Personalize Your Robots:-

Customizing your construct is a big part of the enjoyment in War Robots. You may modify your weapon loadout in addition to customising your look with colours, spray paints, and other decals. Varied robots have different weapon slots, allowing you to choose between short and long range weapons, or opt for a completely short range loadout. There are also several modules (like jet packs, speed boosts, and more).


The world of War Robots is more enjoyable when shared with friends or clan members. Not only will collaborating with your friends be a lot of fun, but you’ll also be able to discuss strategies for defeating the opposing 6 man (robot) team! Create a clan with a buddy and work together to perform missions, unlocking new qualities for your robots and increasing everyone’s resources so they can enhance their armament.

Action and Strategy:-

While the combat is fast-paced, the game also relies on your and your friends’ strategic effectiveness. Have you noticed that a lot of your opponents are using close-quarters builds that do a lot of damage? You’ll need some tough Robots to withstand the knocks, or you’ll need to switch up your armament to deal with them before they reach you. There are a multitude of

internet tutorials that will walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of most of the robots available. Remember, if you don’t have this mod apk download, you’ll have to pay actual money to get all of them.

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