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Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK v1.181.80 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android


Turn into the tosser you were born to be. In this insane amazing action game, download Super Toss The Turtle mod APK now to put your abilities to the test and hurl turtles using canons, guns, nukes, catapults, and just about any other weapon or contraption.

Some games are just a bit too entertaining and hilariously addicting. One of them is this. What is the goal, you could wonder? To throw the turtle as far as it can. Your turtle will hopefully be able to go a lot further by colliding with other flying and bouncing items in mid-flight than if you simply blasted it from a cannon and called it a day.

You may send your turtle into the air with a variety of weaponry, some of which are far more horrific than others! There are also a variety of animals to launch into the sky, where they will meet their untimely demise in ablaze.


Super Toss The Turtle APK Info

Size:22 MB
MOD Features: MOD Unlocked
Update:November 26 2021

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Turtle, you must perish!

Hit the spikes towards the finish, or transform your turtle into a flying machine that crashes and burns. The turtle and other creatures don’t have much of a chance here. The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, to be honest, would not be impressed.

The goal of the game is to persuade your turtle to go as far as humanly possible before it crashes – and you can definitely do this by just blasting it out of a cannon and allowing the horrifying obstacles in its way do the rest. Even though it’ll almost certainly happen, try not to kill your turtle too quickly.

Your buddies can also participate in the game. They’ll have their own turtles, gigantic walking bananas, bunnies, and just about any of the game’s other strange and fascinating characters. They’ll be attempting to throw them further than you, so be prepared for a struggle!

Playing Super Toss the Turtle APK using these tips:-

Every game has its own set of shortcuts and winning strategies. The APK for Super Toss The Turtle is no exception. Here are some of our finest ideas for playing the game to your full potential while also defeating all of your friends.

Aim high, but not too far. When tossing the turtle, the key is to find an upward trajectory that isn’t too steep that it falls back down — aim for a 60-degree angle, which will allow it to go far and maybe land on something that will keep it going even longer.

Get yourself a set of fortunate charms-

We’re not talking about in-game situations here; we’re talking about real-life situations! This game is heavily reliant on chance. It’s completely unpredictable whether your animal will be impaled on a cluster of spikes or will hit another item that will bounce it back up and into flight. There’s no way to guarantee that you’ll obtain a higher score than your friend; it’s all up to luck. This means that the most important thing is to have a successful initial launch and then hope for the best. This is also what makes the game so entertaining to play!

To get shells, watch commercials-

Shells are used to unlock new characters, and one method to earn them is to watch a 30-second ad at the conclusion of each game. There’s another, more straightforward way to obtain shells…

Super Toss the Turtle mod APK:-

If you want to unlock all of the characters early in the game so you can concentrate on having fun by shooting them all to death, then download the unlimited money mod APK to obtain all of the shells you need for a really enjoyable gaming session! Enjoy!

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