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Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno Mod Apk 1.0.22 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android


In the world of mobile gaming, puzzle games are one of the most popular and often utilized genres. This is due to the fact that they are not as graphically demanding as other genres such as first-person shooters, role-playing games, or adventure games. They also don’t require complex control systems or gameplay, making them easier to sell and manufacture.

Candy Crush is one of the most popular games in its category. However, if you’re searching for a game with a more engaging plot, check out Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno APK. Because it is not suited for all ages, this is one of the most underappreciated games. However, after you’ve played it, you’ll fall in love with it.

 Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno MOD APK Info

Developer:Whee Games Ltd
Size:56.7 MB
MOD Features:Premium Unlocked
Update:January 4 2022

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Puzzle Game That Isn’t Your Average:


There are a plethora of puzzle games on the market right now. However, not all of them are worthwhile. Some are just variations of other well-known puzzle games. Some are just badly conceived and represent a failed attempt to revolutionize the genre.

However, certain games, such as Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno, are unique. This game is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Fun, witty, and obscene! It didn’t take the easy way out and became a dull game. No, it’s not at all dull. This is one of the most unforgettable games you’ll ever play, thanks to its bizarre plot and out-of-this-world gameplay.

But what distinguishes this game from the rest? Well, it all starts with you waking up at the gates of hell. You were just at your mundane cashier job, wishing it would get more interesting for a change, and now you’ve arrived! Then you find out that the inferno you thought you knew wasn’t quite what you thought it was. It was all a huge ruse to terrify Earth’s inhabitants. Instead, you learn that demons aren’t very large or frightening beings. Rather, they’re attractive beauties with a smattering of hellish characteristics.

Aside from that, you’ll discover that many people use boiling resin as a spa treatment rather than torture. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a tale that’s not so awful, if only you could get the answers right and control the plot in the direction you desire.

The following are some of the features of the Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno:-

Let’s have a look at the features that this one-of-a-kind puzzle game has to offer. Because only by examining the distinguishing characteristics can we truly assess this game. So, before you dismiss this game as just vulgar, consider the following:

  • Colorful hellscapes: It’s uncommon for puzzle games to devote so much time and effort to developing colorful hellscapes and still succeed. But that’s exactly what Sinful Puzzle does! Unique locales are featured in the game, ensuring that you have a great time. Even if the visuals aren’t RPG-style, they’re nonetheless a delight considering how few puzzle games have this much detail.
    • Interesting tasks: The puzzles are only a portion of the show in this game. Although they are well-designed and contain activities that must be completed in order to answer the puzzles, they are not without flaws. However, you must pay close attention to the directions since you will get more points if you do so. Some demons, for example, prefer that you grab red balls in a row because they enjoy the fire. However, you may be punished if you get points with some blue balls.
    • Characters of seductive demon females: In this game, you’ll be directed by a variety of seductive demon girls that like flirting with you. How you reply to their inquiries and phrases is entirely up to you. You may either keep your calm or completely reject them as devils. In either case, your decisions take you down an intriguing road. As a result, aim to collect as many points as possible in as few moves as possible.
    • Exciting elements: This game allows you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary narrative – literally! Isn’t it a waste not to take advantage of it while it lasts? Aside from the interesting plot, you may purchase several bonuses that will help you finish puzzles quicker. Collect as many as you can to advance the plot more quickly!

  • Cool graphics and voiceover: Aside from the aforementioned, Sinful Puzzle features some pretty interesting graphics and narration. The puzzle’s theme is red, but there’s a lot more to this game than that. For example, after completing a problem successfully, you are shown a pornographic image of a demon female. But that’s not all; they went so far as to have actual individuals speak for the demon females to add realism.
  • Multiple stages to conquer: As you continue through the game, you’ll encounter many demons, mermaids, and even the hell queen herself! Yes, but only after you’ve completed 30 levels or more, all of which steadily become tougher. 

Playing Tips for Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno:-

There are likely to be some misunderstandings because this isn’t your ordinary puzzle game. Don’t worry, we’ve got some pointers for you:

  • Benefits from watching video commercials – Unless you buy them, coins and diamonds are scarce in this game. But did you know that simply watching a video commercial may earn you a bonus? Yes, you can utilize this to speed up your matches!
  • Solve the riddle in as few moves as possible – In order to get more points and money in this game, you must think about every move you make. There are many colored balls in this room that you must connect if their colors are the same. However, each character awards various points based on their favorite hue.

If you don’t want to watch video advertisements and want to unlock all of the levels right away, this is the game for you. Now is the time to get the limitless movements mod and conquer Hell!

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