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Home Run High APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money) Free Download for Android


If you’re seeking for a game that will both entertain you and help you grow, the game I’m about to discuss might be the one you’ve been waiting for. A fantastic game that tests your leadership skills, such as taking charge of a high school baseball team. To help your baseball club win the championship trophy, train your players and develop battle plans. The game I would recommend is Home Run High. Let’s have a look at how to play as well as what makes this game so popular.

Kairosoft Co., Ltd. is the publisher of the game Home Run High. The game features a feature that is exclusive to this creator. Pixel graphics are used in this game, as they are in many of the publisher’s other games. This animated face leaves an enthralling effect on the gamer. The game is simple to handle, ensuring that players are comfortable while playing.

The goal of this game is to improve the team’s abilities and discipline. Step by step, lead your high school baseball team to success. An after-school club may provide the squad with room and training time. Nothing will be able to limit your training if it is done correctly. Let’s go to work on making the baseball team better.


This is a wonderful game in which you are tasked with leading your high school baseball team. In this task, you must guarantee that you train, mentor, and ultimately win the title of ultimate champion. Even better, you can take part in all of this thrilling action from the comfort of your own home!

Home Run High APK Info

Developer:Home Run High
Size:44 MB
MOD Features:Premium Unlocked
Update:january 4 2022

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Gameplay that is exciting:

Home Run High is a simple game in which you must constantly train your teammates in order to compete in a series of baseball competitions. Whether you succeed or not depends on how well you organize your team.

You’ll begin with a modest after-hours club with limited visibility. Your task will be to provide all of the squad players with adequate baseball training. This way, you can be certain that you’ll be moving the squad to a baseball powerhouse with a track record of gaming success.

The Following Are Proven Strategies for Winning the Game:-

If you want to help your team reach new heights, you should do the following actions on a regular basis:

  • Assign Practice Drills to Your Players:

Always be careful to research your players and figure out their flaws. After that, you may set practise drills to help them develop in those areas. Pitching and batting are examples of this.

  • Create a welcoming environment for your team:

Showers, batting cages, and any other amenity that will improve your athletes’ lives can help you do this. Their performance will increase as a result of their comfort, and they will be crowned baseball’s ultimate champions.

  • Build one-of-a-kind educational facilities:

As much as you want your baseball team to succeed, improving your student’s learning environment will make it easier for them to play and learn. In this manner, you can be certain that you’ll develop well-rounded individuals who will substantially contribute to your baseball success.

You can put your teammates in a dorm if you want them to be able to balance baseball and schoolwork with unrivaled success. This facility should provide a conducive environment for learning as well as baseball.

3D Graphics and Sound Systems of the Highest Quality:-

The 3D visuals in this game bring out all of the game’s distinctive features. Even better, you’ll have access to immersive sound systems that will keep you entertained at all times.

Home Run High APK Free Download – Latest Version:-

If you enjoy fantasy sports games, the latest edition of Home Run High APK is all you need to completely transform your gaming experience. It has competitive tournaments as well as excellent sound systems to guarantee that you have a great time.

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