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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK v4.2.1 (Unlimited Gems) Download for Android


Do you want to immerse yourself in the Harry Potter world? Have you read all of the books and watched the movie yet still want to learn more? Then you should play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. It’s an adventure game by Jam City Inc, and it’s part of Portkey Games, which is the official Harry Potter game and app label. With the famous Sorting Hat, you’ll discover which house you’ll be a part of at the start of the game, and you’ll be assigned to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, which has an influence on your game’s course.

You can choose your own route through the wizarding world thanks to numerous options throughout the game. You participate in a variety of courses with characters from the Harry Potter series, such as studying super-powerful spells from Dumbledore and concocting unique potions with Snape, the nasty potions master. In terms of exploration, you have free reign over Hogwarts to uncover sections of the wizarding castle that have never been seen before. This game takes the fantastical world to new heights, making it suitable for fans of the series.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery APK Info

Developer:Jam CityInc.
AdventureSize:160 MB
MOD Features: MOD UnlockedUpdate:
June 8 2022

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Best Features of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery:-


If you’re a Harry Potter lover, this game is a must-have for your Android device. It has over 1 million favourable reviews and a large number of downloads, indicating that it is a popular choice among fans. Despite the fact that the game has a number of pay-to-win elements, you may still enjoy many of the game’s features, such as potion making, magical defence classes, and exploring a gorgeously drawn Hogwarts castle. You must then wait for your energy bar to replenish before proceeding, but the wait is typically well worth it. Even when seen on a little phone screen, the music is spot on, and the ambience is fantastic.

Immerse yourself even more in the Harry Potter universe:-

Are you a great admirer of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series? Love the movie and have seen it dozens of times? Then Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the next stage in your wizarding quest. Because it is a legally licenced game, it can utilise the actual characters, spells, and language from the books, the game captures a lot of the same thrill as the novels and films. That means you can meet Dumbledore, make wizarding pals, and explore Hogwarts’ actual hallways. Keep an eye out for the artwork.

Participate in Wizarding Classes:-

The main point of going to Hogwarts is to take part in wizarding classes, and in Hogwarts Mystery, you may study from a variety of famous professors. You’ll mostly be collaborating with Dumbledore to learn the most powerful spells, as well as Snape to master the potions you’ll need to live in the wizarding world. Have you got what it takes to master the magic in these entertaining little micro games with riddles and challenges? You’ll unlock more fascinating lessons and move through the plot if you complete the tasks.

Take it Year by Year:-

You will develop along with the game. The game, like the books and films, advances on a year-by-year basis. You’ll see the main storey through to its conclusion, which, without giving anything away, involves solving the mystery surrounding your older brother. As you tour Hogwarts and learn more about the mystery, you’ll notice that many of the locations are instantly recognisable. This is a true Hogwarts experience with an entirely new storey to enjoy, from Snape’s dungeon to magic lessons with Flitwick.

Dialogue, Wizarding Challenges, and Other Things:-

Immerse yourself in the plot and then participate in extracurricular activities like Quidditch, finding a magical romance, and unravelling the mystery behind the Cursed Vault and your brother. You may also compete in the House Cup with your housemates, learn the Patronus spell, and find and befriend magical animals all throughout the Hogwarts grounds. Every decision you make in the tale will have an impact on the plot, and you’ll have various options as you go. This is your tale to tell!

Creativity and Freedom in Hogwarts:-

You may not only fall in love with the character of your choice and participate in exciting events such as the Quidditch tournament, but you can also build a wizard that looks just like you. Because your avatar may be completely customised, you can spend your time carefully creating a wizard or witch using your face, or build something completely unique! Then you may personalise your dorm with a variety of décor and furnishings. New things are introduced all the time thanks to the game’s constant updates, so you’ll never be bored with your gear.

Harry Potter Wizarding World Tips & Tricks:-

While the game is quite popular among Harry Potter enthusiasts, there are a few things to bear in mind before playing it. Every choice you make has an impact, so think carefully about your dialogue options. The Sorting Hat will assign you to a house depending on your answers to the questions, but you can always check online to see which selections will assign you to which house if you have a preference! There are also many internet tutorials that show you the various ways through the plot, however, the primary storey does come to a logical end regardless of whatever alternatives you pick. Finally, maintaining the energy bar is one of the most frustrating aspects of the game for fans, since it takes a long time for the bar to replenish.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod:-

Would you want to play the game without having to wait for your energy to recharge? Get limitless energy by downloading this modified version of the APK for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery!

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