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Fun Run 3 MOD APK 4.6.2 (God mode) Download for Android


When you play Fun Run 3 for Android, you’ll push all of your opponents to the sidelines. Nothing will be able to stop you as you blast, knock, and blow your opponents out of the path!

In this famous platforming game, there are over 100 million additional players! However, it’s no surprise that so many people are glued to this fantastic game. Simple controls, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay combine to provide the ideal experience.

Anyone would be a fool not to install Fun Run 3 on their Android device. Take a look at it for yourself.


Fun Run 3 APK Info

Size:95 MB
MOD Features: MOD Unlocked
Update:February 8 2022

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Gameplay that is both enjoyable and competitive:-

The competitive component of Fun Run 3 is the finest part of the game. Over 100 million other runners throughout the world aspire to be at the top of the leaderboards. There can only be one individual, though. Do you believe you’ve got what it takes?

The game is jam-packed with action and crazy-fun experiences that anybody may enjoy. Race, attack, and leap your way to victory!

Features that are entertaining:-

The third chapter of Fun Run:

With fantastic 8-player competitive racing, Fun Run is back! There’s a lot of excitement and pleasure to be gained when you challenge your friends or even strangers. Defeat anybody who stands in your way of success in a race!

Gameplay that is exciting:

When you play Fun Run 3, you get to experience all of the fantastic features of the previous two games. Compete against other players while avoiding any obstacles that may slow you down on your way to victory! But wait, if another player becomes an impediment, crush them before they reach the finish line! By far the most enjoyable platforming and racing game you will ever play!

Arena Mode:

Eight distinct characters will compete in the Arena Mode for the gold! Only three people will be able to complete the course and win a gold, silver, or bronze medal at the finish. The quickest of these charming and cuddly critters may brag about being victors, while the losers must eat their dust!

Form a Clan with Your Friends:

In a group clan, you may run alongside your buddies! You may race with your friends or even strangers in this wonderful multiplayer racing game. Only the best will make it to the finish line in this race!

Show off your creativity with a variety of customization options:

During gameplay, Fun Run 3 offers a variety of gadgets and adorable creatures to utilise. Make yourself the coolest, smartest, funniest, or anything you want to be!

Additional features include:

  • Clan Battles 2v2.
  • In comparison to prior games, there are 30+ more power-ups.
  • Arena Mode: A new 8-player racing mode!
  • In the online multiplayer mode, you may race in real time.
  • Slam & Slide: Unexpected skills that will take your opponents by surprise.
  • Customize your character with so many choices that it’s nearly overwhelming!
  • There are a tonne of new levels to race in.
  • A system of leaderboards that allows for even more competitive play. Who will come out on top?


Fun Run 3 appears to be fantastic! As they sprint across fully-styled stages, the charming animals will execute a variety of behaviors. There are a lot of set pieces in this platformer to keep you engaged in each level.

This game looks fantastic regardless of who you play as or where you play it.

Get the latest version of Fun Run 3 Mod APK:-

There is also a modified version of the game available. This version comes with a slew of new features not seen in the original.

Anyway, get this wildly popular racing platformer for hours upon hours of continuous entertainment. This is a game that you should play with your buddies. Let them know, and together you may download the game, establish a clan, and climb to the top of the leaderboards!

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