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Adventure Communist MOD APK v6.11.0 (Free Upgrade) Download for Android


Hyper Hippo’s Adventure Communist is a popular idle game that is the successor to the popular Adventure Capitalist. In a nutshell, the aim is to expand your manufacturing empire by acquiring additional materials, resources, and goods in order to better the lives of your population. This is an idle game, which means that the majority of the gameplay takes place in the background as you go about your daily routine. You may check into the phone now and then to make a few adjustments, speed up production, and even prestige after you’ve reached the top of your progress.

Adventure Capitalist was the first game, and it was created to stimulate the growth of a capitalist empire. It’s only natural that a similar feeling exists in the communist world. The game is accessible on both PC and Android, with the Android version offering a somewhat more limited but still enjoyable experience. It works well as a mobile game because of its idle game features, which are meant to be left running while your phone is on and checked on anytime you want.

Adventure Communist APK Info

Size:74 MB
MOD Features: MOD Unlocked
Update:March 25 2022

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Adventure Communist has the following features:-


Starting with a little potato farm, your objective is to develop your property into a thriving communist empire. Expand your industries and dominate the surrounding region by investing in cutting-edge research and machinery to boost your output. The basic objective is to expand as quickly as possible, gradually improving the quality of your farming and finally uniting the entire brother and. You don’t have to have your phone in your hand the entire time you’re playing, which is ideal for casual mobile gamers.

Your Empire’s Expansion Strategy:-

Despite the fact that Adventure Communist is an idle game that is typically relatively hands-off, there is a lot of strategy in this Hyper Hippo game. Sure, you’ll have to click a lot of buttons, but you’ll also need to choose your growth route. Different techniques are suggested by many guides online, and you may easily locate the best path through the game, or you can take your time and figure it out for yourself. This implies that the game has a lot of replay value, especially after you get to the mid-game.

Increase the number of new members in your industry:-

Your expanding company will draw the attention of some wealthy individuals as you continue through the game, and they have the power to completely change your planet. These people assist you in gathering more resources, managing your supplies, and keeping an eye on things while you’re not playing. Choosing the proper professionals to assist with Adventure Communism may be quite beneficial. You can also get your hands on excellent Researchers who can help you further your success by automating your industries and enhancing the communist industry.

The importance of science cannot be overstated:-

Science has a vital part in enhancing the performance of your farm, in addition to improving output via the acquisition of valuable physical labor. Science is utilized to speed up manufacturing and extend technology so that you don’t have to push too many buttons. The best aspect is that scientific research speeds up your progress and eliminates the need to constantly monitor the game, which is ideal for busy players.


Your small communist state’s growth will increase day by day, and your state will be rated based on the performance of its industries. You may increase your rating by completing assignments and comparing it to your friends who also play the game. Do you have what it takes to be the best communist leader? You are awarded on a regular basis with thrilling packages that may include a variety of good things and boosts to help you on your way to becoming the best. Your ideal boss has a kind look on you!

Extend your horizons:-

As you climb the ranks, you’ll be able to expand your business into other areas. In this updated edition of Adventure Communist, you’ll find a slew of brand-new regions just ready to be transformed into stunning communist success monuments. As you go on a journey to gain control of new territories, special events keep the game fresh. You’ll get your hands on unique capsules that you may use to enhance labour conditions, scientific development, and industrial prowess in your homeland.

Idle Games and Their Magic:-

Idle mobile games are brilliant in that they keep churning away even when you’re not playing. That’s correct, your new communist state will continue to boom in the background, the machines will continue to whirr, and you will continue to amass resources as long as your phone is on. Your condition does not change while you sleep! Ideal for individuals who want to check in on the game from time to time. Playing requires an online connection, so you’ll need to keep connected to your data or wi-fi to make any progress.

Top tips and Tricks:-

It’s not difficult to get started in AdVenture Communist; you begin by harvesting potatoes, which is honest employment in a developing communist society. Picking potatoes is just the beginning of what will be a massive state! Spending a significant amount of time just selecting potatoes and making modest progress at first is a good idea. Idle games become quicker the longer you play them, so give them a try before you put your phone off or leave it alone to do some work! That way, even on the first day, you should be making good progress.

Adventure Communist Mod APK:-

Download the Adventure communism mod apk to obtain a modified and limitless version of the game, along with everything you’ll need to advance quickly!

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