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YouTube Vanced APK 17.21.35 Latest Version Download Free


YouTube Vanced is one of the best Youtube mod app available currently. There are lots of other youtube mods available however YouTube Vanced is different with lots of exciting features. The most important feature of YouTube Vanced APK is the ability to play videos without any ads and also the background play function.

In this post, I am going to explain how to download YouTube Vanced APK and the installation guide for android devices.

YouTube Vanced was formerly known as iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Play and it is developed by an XDA forum member named Master _T, but later he discontinued the development and handed the file to other developers to continue developing and improving YouTube Vanced.


Since YouTube Vanced is handed over to other developers, it has been introduced many new exciting features such as the Dark and Black theme, the New improved floating player, Background video play, and many more.

There are still many great features available on YouTube Vanced Edition, read below in this post.

Youtube Vanced APK Latest Download

What is YouTube Vanced APK?


YouTube Vanced APK is a modded version of youtube that works without any root access but users need to install MicroG APK to sign in their Youtube account, which is very easy to do.

It is of the best mod for YT right now, loaded with lots of features that are basically available for premium users however, you can get all the features for free without any subscription or charges.

All you need to do is follow my guidelines:

I recommend you to use the magisk module for a better experience and can also help you pass Safetynet measures.

YouTube Vanced Features

Below are some of the best features of YouTube Vanced APK 

  • Blocks all YouTube ADs (some options are togglable)
  • Video Background playback feature
  • Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override Max Resolution for better quality
  • Pinch to Zoom on all devices
  • Casting togglable (can be forced off)
  • Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black)
  • PiP (Oreo or above)
  • Video window new or old style
  • Repeat video feature
  • Preferred Resolution & Speed feature
  • Swipe controls for Volume and Brightness

YouTube Vanced Version Info

Name YouTube Vanced
Last Updated June 8 2022
Size 59 MB
Version 17.21.35
Developer Team Vanced
Theme Variants Black/Dark/Pink/Blue
Android Required 4.2 or above

The team behind YouTube Vanced

  • Razerman
  • Laura Almeida
  • Zanezam
  • KevinX8

Direct Download YouTube Vanced 17.21.35 APK

YouTube Vanced is not only available in Black and Dark color but also in blue and pink color variant. Below is the direct download link for YouTube Vanced in different variations. Choose the one which you like the most

YT Vanced Black & White

YT Vanced Dark & White

How To Install YouTube Vanced APK [Non-Rooted Device]

Before you start the Installation process, please check out the requirement:


  • MicroG – Download
  • Android Device
  • No-Root/Root/Magisk

This procedure includes installing MicroG Android App that will help you sign in with your Google account, Otherwise google doesn’t let you sign in.

I hope you have downloaded the MicroG and Youtube Vanced APK from the above download button.

Step 1. First you need to install the APK file on your Android device.

Note: You should Allow Unknown Sources in the android Security setting to let the device install the APK.

Step 2. Once you installed the APK on your device successfully, then you need only one thing to do.

Read below:

Youtube Vanced APK Installation

Step 3: Now Install MicroG and login to your Youtube account

Once you complete installing both the APKs now you can enjoy YouTube without any ads and lots of other features.

Method 2:

How to Install YouTube Vanced using Magisk Module?

Installing Youtube Vanced APK using the Magisk module is what I recommend to you all. Magisk Module Zip file is already included all the necessary files, you just have to flash the zip through TWRP custom recovery or directly from the Magisk Manager.

Note: First of all uninstall YouTube updates and disable auto-updates before following this procedure.

Step 1. Open Magisk Manager and navigate to the download section.

YouTube Vanced Magisk Installation

Step 2. Now you have to search “Youtube Vanced” in the magisk module.

YouTube Vanced Magisk Installation

Step 3. Now tap on Download and Install the module.

Step 4. And it will do the rest of the installation process, that will look something like the below screenshot.

YouTube Vanced Magisk Installation

Step 4. And then you have to click on “REBOOT” button to finish the installation process.

Creative Media for YouTube Vanced

Creative Media for Youtube vanced

FAQs About YouTube Vanced

Where is the normal (white) APK goes?
White is included in both versions choose the alternate theme you prefer for the night time etc.Do I need to install detach script for every new update?
No!Can I install this normally as other APKs?
Only non-root version. You cannot install it in the normal way on rooted or magisk root devices.Is there video download feature?
No, but there is official YouTube offline video feature available for supported countries.After the installation, YouTube app not showing in the app drawer, why?
Because you didn’t use the latest magisk manager or installer (this only concerned for Oreo).Will “Crop to Fit” feature work on S8 & S8+ devices?
Yes! It will work only in the rooted version. Not works in the non-root version because the package name is changed. However, there is an alternate Pinch to Zoom feature available with same functions.Is watch history working?
Yes! But you have to whitelist “” in your adblocker and make sure your gmail account is connected properly if using non-root version due to microG.Does PiP (Picture in Picture) mode work?
Yes, but only in Oreo.


Credit: for FAQs

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