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Toomics Mod APK 1.5.2 (VIP Subscription) Download for Android


Comics have changed so much over the years that we can even read them online! You can now pull out your phone and start reading your favourite comics whenever and wherever you want. Physically purchasing and reading the comics is unnecessary since it would be tiresome.

We can now read as many comics as we want owing to applications like Toomics. This is one of the most popular comic reading applications available. Consider it the Netflix of comics, where you can get a wide range of comics from a variety of genres. There are also regular updates to guarantee that you don’t miss out on your favourite webtoons. This software is a must-have for passionate readers.

Toomics MOD APK Info

Developer:Toomics Global
Size:21.30 MB
MOD Features:Premium Unlocked
Update:February 8 2022

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Toomics: An Overview:-


For many people throughout the world, reading comic books is one of the most popular activities. These individuals love a good book with gorgeous illustrations and a compelling plot. Manga is the name given to these comics in Japan. Anime programmes are produced from a lot of Manga, which we all like. However, comics are primarily created by South Koreans and are known as Webtoons or Manhwa.

Toomics is a popular comic reader that lets you read a variety of different genres. There’s action, romance, drama, thrillers, horror, psychological thrillers, and so much more. Additionally, your favorite webtoons are updated on a regular basis, ensuring that you have access to a diverse range of content. You can quickly store and read your comics while on the road, and you can even download them. For those of you comic book fans, this is the place to be.

Toomics has the following features:-

Toomics is a fantastic and unique comic viewer that allows you to quickly and simply read hundreds of Webtoons. You can read your favorite webtoons whenever you want, no matter where you are on the globe. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Thousands of titles are available:

Hundreds of thousands of comic books are now available. As a result, locating them would be challenging. That is, unless you have Toomics. You can quickly browse and view thousands of webtoons right at your fingers thanks to this software. You don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for your favorite webtoons. You may also add comparable webtoons to your list, allowing you to view them indefinitely.

  • A wide range of genres:

Aside from that, Toomics has tens of thousands of titles divided into genres. Webtoons in action, romance, BL, drama, thriller, horror, ecchi, and more may be found here! You may go through the best titles as well as the lesser-known ones to have a nice time. You no longer have to surf endlessly because relevant webtoons in similar genres are now easily accessible. You’ll get recommendations right in your feed.

  • Easy user interface:

Toomics is a Netflix original series that you will enjoy if you have Netflix. You’ll like the clean and simple interface, which makes it simple to read your favorite webtoons. You can quickly browse titles and check the most recent chapters in this section. On your homepage, you can quickly view the categories as well as other options. Then, using the app, you can simply read your favourites. Not to mention the fact that you can store them for later use.

  • Accounts are available for free.

Users of Toomics must pay a monthly subscription fee. However, new users can create a free account to receive sample episodes. This will give you a taste of what you may expect if you upgrade to a premium account.

  • High-quality and add to your list:

To guarantee that you only get the finest material, all of the webtoons in this section are of excellent quality. You may even save them to your favorites list to make things even easier.

Download Toomics Mod APK for Free:-

Toomics is a fantastic comic reader that lets you browse through hundreds of comics. Get the most recent version right now.

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