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Technocare APK Latest Version Free Download


Technocare APK is an Android application that is mainly used to bypass the accounts and FRP modules. With the help of Technocare APK, you can easily bypass the security lock of any Android device.

Technocare APK lets you create another Google account without unlocking the device. In this way you can easily take back control of your Android devices

It’s one of the best apps to unlock FRP without paying a single penny. Download the app and start unlocking your devices.


Technocare APK Info

Version:Latest Version
Size:28.5 MB
Features:Unlock FRP
Update:January 16 2021

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Technocare APK is also known as Technocare Tricks APK amongst its users. There’s the confusion that these are two different apps while both are the same. It’s just another name of the same app.


When you try to factory reset your Android device, it asks for a Google account. If you forgot your google account which has been used to set up the device, then Technocare APK is used to bypass the FRP login.

Technocare APK Features

  • Technocare APK is a completely free app.
  • Very easy to use and bypass the FRP
  • Great UI and easy to use.
  • Currently, the best app to Unlock the FRP
  • No registration needed
  • Very small size of the APK (28 MB)
  • Supports most android devices.
  • This app doesn’t contain any ads.

How to Bypass FRP using Technocare APK

  1. You must have a factory reset phone with you. Choose the language as English on the welcome screen that appears while the phone is restarting.
  2. You need to enable the Talkback feature. You can do this by pressing the Home key 3 times continuously when you are on the welcome screen.
  3. When the Talkback Menu is opened, go to Talkback settings and tap on the Search. Now, type and choose “Getting started with Talkback.”
  4. Now, you must play the YouTube video given on the Getting Started page. Click on the three dots option in the video and tap on the Share icon and choose the Google Plus icon.
  5. Now, you will be redirected to YouTube. Tap on the “Terms and Privacy Policy” option from the bottom so that you will be taken to the default Android browser. Click on Bookmarks > History.
  6. In the Download History page that opens along with File Manager, click on “My Files” and select the SD card.
  7. Open the SD card directory and then tap on the Apex Launcher APK, which you have already inserted into the SD card.
  8. Now, install the Apex Launcher. If a pop-up appears, go to Settings and select, “Allow installation of non-market apps.”
  9. Once the Apex Launcher is installed, you will see that the menu is transformed into the Apex Launcher interface.
  10. Now, go to the device Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Other Security Settings > Device Administrators. Deselect “Find My Device” from there and make sure that it is disabled.
  11. Now, go to the device Settings > App, and tap on the three dots option and select the “Show system apps” option. Select Google Account Manager from the list and disable it. Again select Google Play Services and disable it too.
  12. Open the Technocare APK FRP that you have downloaded from the SD card. Install the Technocare app by tapping on it and clicking on Next.
  13. Once the Technocare app is installed successfully, go to device Settings > Accounts, and add any other Gmail account.
  14. Enable Android Device Manager from the Device Administrator.
  15. Now, you must go back to the device Settings > Apps, and enable both Google Account Manager and Google Play Services.
  16. Finally, restart your smartphone. You have now successfully bypassed the FRP on your device.

Direct Download Technocare APK

 Download APK

How To Install Technocare APK

In this section, you will learn how to correctly install the APK file

The installation process of this app is quite simple, You just have to download the APK file and tap on Install to start the installation process.

Step 1: Open the APK file which you downloaded and tap on Install. Also, you have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option once it will be asked to allow the Unknown Sources

Step 2. Once the installation process is completed, Open the app and start bypassing the FRP



Is Technocare APK safe?

Technocare APK is 100% safe and secure to install on y our Android device

How to use Technocare APK ?

Just read our guide above in this post

Is Technocare APK available for iOS?

Currently, it is only available for Android Os.

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