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Pocket TV 5.1.0 Mod APK (No ads) Download for Android 2021


Pocket TV is a free video streaming software that lets users view Indian movies and television shows. The multimedia app has a large collection of movies and television shows that you can watch right on your phone. Not only that, but it also has live TV stations, so you can watch your favourite shows right as they broadcast.



Pocket TV APK Info

Developer:Pocket TV
Size:24.05 MB
MOD Features:Premium Unlocked
Update:January 4 2022

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What exactly is Pocket TV?

The rivalry for internet streaming has been fierce in recent years. Users have a large number of alternatives to pick from because there are so many applications available. Many of them allow you to view material created in a certain country for free. Pocket TV is one such app. As previously stated, this service provides access to Indian films and television programs. It also gives you access to live Indian television.


Pocket TV features a straightforward user experience that is similar to Netflix. You may immediately watch the most recent movie and series when the app has been launched. The webpage also has a list of popular films from various genres. The app splits its material into categories for better organization.

There are tabs for movies, series, and live television. Even better, you can make your own favorites list with the app. It does, however, necessitate the creation of an account.


Downloading the Pocket TV Packet only requires 25MB of space. It crams a lot of fun into a little space. There are several categories available in the pocket tv app. Simply download the app and select the category you want to see. The next step is to decide on the content that will be used as a target. You may watch and listen without having to wait for the video to load.


Pocket TV includes over 100 live television channels. It lets individuals watch TV shows whenever and wherever they choose. Every type of television, including oldies, is available to watch and enjoy.


Pocket TV Apk was created and optimized to use less data on all servers. As a consequence, users of the pocket tv app may enjoy their material without having to worry about storage or data use.


 Pocket tv provides a wide range of entertainment options, including children’s movies, English films, and television shows.


The pocket app’s interface is simple and easy to use. It’s simple to use, search, and stream all material in real time.


Pocket TV Apk allows you to download movies and programs from the internet. After that, it may be used to watch these videos offline.


With the Pocket tv mod app, you can store your favorite movies and episodes to your “favorite tab” and access them later without having to search for them.


Pocket tv uses less data, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to wait for videos to buffer. It’s amazing that watching videos using pocket tv modifications apk causes no buffering or latency.


Once the app has been installed, a screen with the terms of service will appear. The software can be trusted to be safe and secure, according to the creators. You must agree to the terms of service before using this program.


You may also share the app URL with friends via social media.

You can also send video links to your friends via email.

Is it actually worth it to download the app?

If you’re searching for a free alternative to premium streaming services, you may download Pocket TV. However, like with any other free streaming program, not all of the video available is functional. Furthermore, it exclusively contains videos that can be seen on YouTube. Its only advantage over other video-sharing services is that it allows users to watch live TV.

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