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MacroDroid v5.29.12 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android



MacroDroid – Device Automation is a programme that allows you to automate some machine functions. It is without a doubt the responsibility that it can provide for you. It includes a user interface that is easy to navigate and colorful. Simultaneously, it implements a user-friendly macro and devotes a significant amount of time to logically structuring activities. As a result, this app will suit you perfectly.


MacroDroid MOD APK Info

Size:51.40 MB
MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
Update:August 13 2023

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MacroDroid – Device Automation is a programme that allows users to do a variety of tasks in a fully automated manner for the convenience of their everyday job or pastimes.As a result, the app and phone can be used to their full potential for a fantastic experience.  At the same time, the app has a lot of features that users may utilize right away.

When you first open the programme, you’ll see that it has a well-organized UI. The functions are organized in a logical manner to make it easy for users to search and discover what is available in the programme. At the same time, the software breaks into tabs to help users navigate between features and discover what they’re looking for.

MacroDroid MOD APK



One of the first things you should learn is that macros are predefined commands that may be found under the Macros tab. You may also see the macros you’ve set when you move to the appropriate tab. They are classified by keywords and different colors depending on their function. It is really convenient for you to locate them quickly.

The software also provides permissions to switch certain actions on or off, which makes it more convenient and ideal for using your phone. Some macros, in particular, can execute for my convenience and assist you in completing some processes swiftly. However, you may decide to give it permission to continue working if you believe it is no longer ideal.

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Users of MacroDroid – Device Automation can make use of ideas that are listed in the programme. At the same time, it will provide you distinct feelings when you use it. Specific rules follow, akin to a statement with criteria that must be met. So it’s up to you to consider the circumstances you want while automating.

These requirements are frequently derived from the user’s requests, and they might be imposed on macros within the program.

The majority of the statements in this programme are usually completed in three steps. Each step is simple to use, but it takes time to become accustomed to and establish the most stringent parameters.

MacroDroid MOD APK

The Trigger, which initiates access and allows the macros to begin functioning, is the first stage in creating an automated statement. It could be used as a launcher in PC games. So, if you want to play a game, you must first activate the launcher. That is especially true in this application, where you can choose from over 70 different Triggers.

Once you’ve found a Trigger that corresponds to the programme or activity you want to automate, the following step is to make it happen. This wish is realized through a process known as Actions. You will be able to choose from a number of activities supported by the app, and you will find it comfortable to let the app do the work for you. Unfortunately, this is another activity that takes a long time for consumers to complete.

Constraints is another aspect that you might view when selecting actions in the Action section. You can probably guess what it can do with the macro you’ve set up just by hearing the name. This item is similar to a specific binding element that allows macros to be enabled. However, this is not a required field, and you can leave it blank if you don’t have any tight activation requirements.


MacroDroid – Device Automation has a simple function, but it’s not without its own set of interesting jobs. However, it takes time to gain experience and discover new aspects to improve your macros. As a result, the programme contains a template tab where you may refer to macros created by others, which are organized by rate. It could be a useful resource.

Direct Download MacroDroid APK

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How to install
  • Step 1: Go to Phone Settings
  • Step 2: Go to Security options
  • Step 3: Check the “Unknown Sources” option
  • Step 4: Open the APK file and start the installation process

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