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FaceLab Photo Editor v2.7.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download for Android


FaceLab Photo Editor can change anything about portrait shots. This application gives users a wide range of possibilities, allowing them to transform their images into something more fascinating. We’ll go through some of the app’s most appealing features in this piece.

FaceLab Photo Editor MOD APK Info

Developer:Lyrebird Studios
Size:27.35 MB
MOD Features: MOD Unlocked
Update:July 13 2022

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  • Access to the most recent portrait photo transformation trends:

As you may be aware, the practice of changing one’s face through pictures is currently very popular. This isn’t really a “soon to bloom, fade away” trend that has been steadily enhanced thanks to sophisticated editing software. One of them is FaceLab Photo Editor. The sophisticated tools included in this photo editing application will assist customers in accessing the face change trend.

As a result, with just a few simple actions, you can change your age, gender, or even become a cartoon character. When an application has more than 5 million downloads on Google Play and a significant user community, it is considered popular. This app is available for iOS devices through the App Store, where it may be downloaded and installed normally. Do you want to see how you’ll appear in the future? Allow the app’s clever AI technology to assist you right now.

  • Using:


First, we’ll go over how to utilize FaceLab Photo Editor so that consumers may get a better understanding of how to use it. Furthermore, this programme operates in a similar way to other photo editing apps for mobile devices. Players will still be able to select a suitable portrait from their device’s library or take a selfie directly from the app’s primary screen. The photo will then appear on the screen, along with a number of customisation options. To better see the change in the photo, simply click on the aspects that you want to change.

Note that in order to use the accessible photographs, users must allow FaceLab Photo Editor to access the device’s library. Alternatively, you can use this app to access the camera system and take images. These permissions are, of course, fully safe and will not harm your device in any way.

FaceLab Photo Editor

  • Make your face younger or older:

The older users always like to return to their youth in order to enjoy life once again. So, with just a few simple touches, FaceLab Photo Editor may help you realize your dreams. The user can return to the age of 18 at any moment with this application. The available algorithms will eliminate wrinkles and renew your skin automatically. Of course, there will be no change in reality if you merely alter your portrait images.

Young users, on the other hand, are always curious about how their faces may alter in the future. In a matter of seconds, the Make me Old function can transform your portrait into an elderly man or lady. FaceLab Photo Editor’s facial aging effect will operate thanks to AI. As a result, the adjustments will only be a rough guide for all users.

  • Effect of tonification:

FaceLab Photo Editor will become more diverse and fulfill a wider range of user needs with the addition of the Toonify effect. Perhaps each user has become too accustomed to changing picture faces into Disney cartoon characters. The animation-like effects accessible in this programme make us feel happy, despite the fact that they are merely an added function. Are you prepared to have your face transformed into a cartoon character?

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There are a slew of other changes:-

  1. Turn into a Zombie:

You are correct, of course. FaceLab Photo Editor will turn users into actual zombies in just a few simple clicks, and they will be able to share their terror with others. This application contains a number of zombie editing tools for you to discover.

  1. Change your gender:

Users can have a lot of fun by swapping gender for portrait shots. Isn’t it lovely to see my man’s face, thin and sweet as a young girl’s?

  1. Oil painting filter:

The user’s portrait images will be quickly transformed into extremely artistic oil paintings with this feature. There are a variety of oil paint filter alternatives available; choose the one that best suits your needs or switch it up to keep things interesting.

  1. Beard Effect:

When their beard isn’t excellent enough or beautiful enough for ladies, some men lose their confidence. Don’t worry, the beard effect in this programme will readily assist you in resolving the above issue. Find beards you like and then apply them to your face to make them pop.

FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab Photo Editor can be installed in the following ways:-

Step 1: Download the released version of FaceLab Photo Editor.

Step 2: Unlock the Android device’s settings and grant access to the “FaceLab Photo Editor” app.

Step 3: Double-click the FaceLab Photo Editor apk file to open it. Installing is a simple process.

step 4: On the main screen, follow the instructions.

For Android, get FaceLab Photo Editor MOD APK:-

FaceLab Photo Editor will be a perfect recommendation for you if you’re looking for the greatest face editing tool available today. This application not only has a variety of unique transform effects, but it also has a user-friendly and attractive interface. The application’s features are all targeted at improving the user’s experience. So, download this app to your device and test it out right away.

Includes MOD:

  • Unlocked Premium.

Direct Download FaceLab Photo Editor APK

 Download APK

How to install
  • Step 1: Go to Phone Settings
  • Step 2: Go to Security options
  • Step 3: Check “Unknown Sources” option
  • Step 4: Open the APK file and start the installation process

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